Director Message

Bangladesh is the 8th largest nation in the world according to its population. We believe overpopulation is not a burden; rather it can be turned into an asset for a country if the people are properly trained and educated. Relying on that view our company has come forward with its mission and vision for the best utilization of human resources. We have an extensive business interest in the field of ship manning. With this vision, Maa Fazila shipping Lines came into being and would like to be a leading ship manning Agent in Bangladesh. The government concern agency has approved us as a private ship manning agent in Bangladesh. We have the pleasure to introduce Maa Fazila shipping Lines as the Ship Crew supplying agent in Bangladesh. We are delighted to well come you all to join us to support in operating safe and secure shipping throughout the sphere. In Bangladesh, the Seafaring profession is a socially respectable career. Bangladesh seafarers started their splendid journey during since British Colonial period and earned a good reputation. Bangladesh seafarers are relatively high standards of proficiency, hard-working, and able to understand the English language up to the required standards. They are well-behaved, obedient, trustworthy, nonalcoholic, and possess high moral courage. They are willing to work with reasonable wages. Bangladesh Seafarers being well known for their obedience, bravery, and quality, deserve attention from Shipowners, Ship management companies for more participation in the global shipping industries. The prime objective of our company is to provide world standard seafarers onboard the vessels in the world shipping domain. Our company conveys its deepest gratitude and best wishes to all concerned at home and abroad whose kind support and co-operation contribute to achieving our goal.

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